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HLA and Search Strategy Resources

A successful transplant requires a high degree of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) match between the patient and donor or cord blood unit (CBU). Learn about the role of HLA in hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT), the latest selection guidelines, and donor and cord blood search strategies.

Self-Paced HLA Courses

  • HLA & Search Strategy Interactive Learning Series
    This series offers basic to advanced training to help you understand HLA and how it applies to HCT. Courses in this series include:
    • 101: Biology of HLA
    • 102: HLA Naming & Typing
    • 103: HLA Search Results
    • 201: Donor Selection
  • HLA for the Rest of Us
    If you have little to no knowledge of HLA and biology, this course is for you. Simple terms are used to describe what HLA is, why it matters, and how to communicate HLA to donors, patients, and the general public.

Selection Guidelines

HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines Webinar Series

Search Strategy in MatchSource®

  • MatchSource Master Class: Effective Search Management
    Learn how to use functionality in MatchSource, get insider information on effective search management, and discover how adding outcomes research into MatchSource improves the results of your searches. The MatchSource Master Class series includes:
    • Part 1: Entering Patients, Narrowing Search Results & Complex Searches
    • Part 2: Optimizing International Searches & Ordering
    • Part 3: Applying Science & Outcomes Research in MatchSource
  • MatchSource Training and Resource
    Access the MatchSource Interactive Training Guide and other resources to help you use MatchSource to search for and select unrelated adult donors and umbilical cord blood units (CBU).

HapLogic and HLA Typing Resources

  • HapLogic
    Learn about the HapLogic matching algorithm, which identifies donors and cord blood units with the highest potential to match each patient. 
  • HLA Typing Resources
    Access HLA typing resources.

HLA and Search Strategy Sessions at One Forum 2021

Other On-Demand Webinars



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