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How Donor and Patient Age Can Both Impact Outcomes

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There are long-held perceptions that older patients are not suitable for transplantation. On the flip side, research shows that older donors may be associated with lower overall survival for patients. In this session, you will learn how age impacts patient outcomeswhen it may be appropriate to consider older patients for HCT and why you should leverage younger donors. New data showing the advantage for HCT over non-HCT therapies in older MDS patients is also shared.

Learning Objectives

  • The latest research in donor selection when weighing options between haplo, matched unrelated, and matched related donors
  • Expanding MDS management to include HCT for fit older patients with high-risk MDS

Target Audience

Coordinators, physicians, medical directors


  • Jason Dehn, MPH, Director, Vendor and Biorepository Services, NMDP
  • Nadit Khera, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona
  • Tien Le, Product Manager, NMDP