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Graft Source Selection Support

Evidence-based guidelines, expert advice and education for donor and CBU selection

To help your transplant team select the graft source that’s best for your patient, you have access to tools, support, and expert advice and education from our team.

Guidelines for Clinicians

Donor and Cord Blood Unit Selection Guidelines
Use the evidence-based guidelines for recommendations on the optimal selection of unrelated donors and cord blood units.

Developed and published jointly by the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), the CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®), and the NMDP/NMDP Histocompatibility Advisory Group, the guidelines are continually reviewed for updates.

Cord Blood Practice Guidelines
Access the Cord Blood Practice Guidelines for evidence-based guidelines and experience-based recommendations across the continuum of care, including:

  • Cord blood unit selection
  • Cord blood unit thaw and infusion
  • Adult patient selection and conditioning regimens
  • Infection prophylaxis, monitoring and therapy
  • GVHD prevention and management
  • Cord blood transplantation for pediatric patients

The guidelines are a collaborative effort between the NMDP, the American Society for Transplantation and Cellular TherapyTM (ASTCT) Committee on Practice Guidelines, and the ASTCT Cord Blood Special Interest Group.

Donor and Cord Blood Unit Selection Consultation

Search Strategy Advice
Receive Search Strategy Advice reports from our HLA experts, which include a breakdown of information on potential donors and cord blood units in ranked order. You’ll also receive a recommended action plan based on the search results.

Cord Blood Consultation Service
Connect with an expert cord blood transplant clinician to receive support from patient and cord blood unit selection through infusion and post-transplant care. The recommendations are supported by the Cord Blood Practice Guidelines.

Donor and Cord Blood Unit Selection Education

HCT Graft Source Selection: Cord Blood

Learn how to apply the HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines to cord blood.

HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines: Donor Age
Learn about the impact of donor age as it relates to other characteristics used for adult unrelated donor selection. The speakers present case studies to demonstrate how to apply the guidelines to ensure the best clinical outcomes.

HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines: DSA and Virtual Crossmatch
This webinar highlights the impact of donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSA) on transplant outcomes. In addition, learn how the virtual crossmatch tool in MatchSource® can aid in unrelated donor and cord blood unit selection if the patient has HLA antibody specificities.

HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines: HLA-DPB1
Explore the clinical relevance of two models—DPB1 TCE groups and DPB1 expression levels—and the impact of DPB1 matching on transplant outcomes. See case examples that demonstrate how these selection recommendations are applied in MatchSource, including how to avoid filtering out good donors when using DPB1 filters.

HCT Graft Source Selection Guidelines: How to Apply 2022 MatchSource Updates to Your Search

This webinar reviews MatchSource updates from 2022 that aid in graft source selection. Hear from two transplant coordinators on how they have applied evidence-based research to their searches.

HLA & Search Strategy Interactive Learning Series 
Gain a better understanding of HLA and how it applies to transplant. The self-paced learning series includes, 101: Biology of HLA, 102: HLA Naming & Typing, 103: HLA Search Results, and 201: Donor Selection.

Additional Learning Resources

HLA and Search Strategy Resources

Explore HLA and search strategy learning opportunities