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Search Strategy Advice

Receive advanced donor and CBU selection recommendations

Save time and expense on your donor and cord blood unit (CBU) search when you tap into our free Search Strategy Advice. With each request, our HLA experts provide you with a prioritized list of potential matches and detailed typing recommendations to help you select the best donor or CBU for your patient.

How to Request Search Strategy Advice

First, make sure your patient’s case has been entered into MatchSource®.

Then, you can request Search Strategy Advice directly in MatchSource. Use the fillable form under the Search Strategy Advice tab on the Patient Detail page.

You can also download the Search Strategy Advice Request form and email your completed request form to ssarequest@nmdp.org.

One of our HLA experts reviews your request and match criteria to identify your patient’s best potential HLA matches. You’ll receive your Search Strategy Advice Report via MatchSource in three to five business days. A notification will display in your Workflow Notifications.

If you are not a MatchSource user, your report will be delivered by email.

Search Strategy Advice Report Features

The report includes:

  • Information on potential donors and CBUs in ranked order. Order is determined using the National Marrow Donor Program®/NMDP® and CIBMTR® Matching Guidelines along with your criteria.
  • Best likely donor match (10/10, 9/10, etc.).
  • Recommended action plan based on the search results.

View a sample Search Strategy Advice Report.

Search Strategy Advice identifies Cure-Ready CBUs

Your Search Strategy Advice report includes Cure-Ready CBUs. Cure-Ready CBUs can improve time to transplant by eliminating the typical 14-day wait for testing results.

Cure-Ready CBUs provide you with access to select, ethnically diverse units with high TNC/CD34+ counts. They have been fully typed using high-resolution NGS typing and release testing/potency testing has been completed.

Cure-Ready CBUs are flagged on your Search Strategy Advice report in MatchSource with the following description: “This unit is fully typed and product release testing has been completed.”

Strategy Advice Benefits

You can request Search Strategy Advice for any patient—not just urgent cases—at any point in the donor or CBU search. Each search includes potential donors and cord blood units listed on NMDP Registry® and all global registries.

You receive Search Strategy Advice as part of your participation in our Network. There is no extra cost to your center or your patients.


Contact your Case Manager if you have questions or would like more information.

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