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Proactive outreach program

Patients at the formal search stage of transplant often have many questions and need extra support. To meet the important needs of these patients, we offer our Proactive Patient Outreach Program to supplement the support provided at your center.

If your center is enrolled in this free program, your patients will receive individualized support to help them navigate transplant through:

  • Educational packets tailored to meet their unique needs with materials customized by age, disease, native language, etc.
  • Confidential, one-on-one support from our patient services coordinators, who are trained in psychosocial care and experienced in helping patients navigate the transplant process.

Enroll Your Center Today

This free program is available to all Network Transplant Centers for patients searching the NMDP Registry. Upon enrollment, we will begin reaching out to your patients at the formal search stage to provide support and guidance.

Contact us to enroll your center or to learn more about this program.