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NMDPSM 500 N 5th St
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1206
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Contact Info:

  • Business Office: (612) 627-5800 or (800) 526-7809
  • General Toll Free: (800) MARROW-2
  • Media Inquiries: (612) 817-6442, or media@nmdp.org
  • Service Desk (Technical Support): (763) 406-3411 or (800) 526-7809 x3411 (available 24/7)
  • CIBMTR: https://nmdp.service-now.com/csm

Department Contact Information:

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Case Management

Case Management Phone Numbers

  • General toll-free number: (800) 548-1375 – use this number and the extension listed for the Case Management staff member
  • International callers: 01-763-406-8275
  • Fax Number: (763) 406-5810
After-hours Case Manager on-call: (763) 406-4400 – for use in emergencies only (after hours, weekends and holidays)

Case Management Leadership

Kristin Naruko, Vice President, Provider Services Operations, (763) 406-8742 or knaruko@nmdp.org
Giovanna Dimarzo, Senior Manager, Case Management, galvare2@nmdp.org
Abby Martfeld, Senior Manager, International Operations, 763-406-8362 or amartfel@nmdp.org

Managers, Case Management:

Ben Webster, 763-406-8585 or bwebster@nmdp.org
Jon Wallace, 763-406-4398 or jwallac3@nmdp.org
Kelly Casa De Calvo-Nylen, 763-406-4834 or kcasadec@nmdp.org
Tricia Rasmussen, 763-406-3106 or trasmus2@nmdp.org

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Clinical Operations Partners (COPs)

Clinical Operations Leadership

Becca Miller, Vice President, Customer Experience & Community Engagement, 763-406-8220 or rmiller2@nmdp.org
Maris Jack, Regional Manager, Provider Partnerships, mjack@nmdp.org
Traci Sutter, Regional Manager, Provider Partnerships, 678-954-4164 or tsutter@nmdp.org

General Questions: lpp@nmdp.org

Cord Blood Program

Operating under Customer-Ready Products

Christina Melief, Senior Scientific Program Advisor, cmelief@nmdp.org
Ericka Narr, Senior Manager, Customer Ready Products, 763-406-8289 or ewheeler@nmdp.org
Erin O’Gara, Cord Blood Program Lead, 763-406-4632 or eogara@nmdp.org
David Miller, Cord Blood Program Liaison, 763-406-8481 or dmiller2@nmdp.org
Cynthia Claude Romeo, Associate Cord Blood Program Liaison, 763-406-5217 or cclauder@nmdp.org

General Questions: cordliaisons@nmdp.org
NCBI Questions: NCBIFunding@nmdp.org 

Donor Services

Donor Services helps maintain the NMDP Registry and guides donors and global partners through the gift of marrow donation.

Donor Services Leadership

Gretta Stritesky, Vice President, Donor Operations, (763) 406-8354 or gstrites@nmdp.org
Kim Ikenberry, Director, Workup, (508) 502-7227 or kikenber@nmdp.org
Molly Rocchio, Director, Search, (763) 406-8685 or mgodfrey@nmdp.org

Donor Services Teams

Member Registration

Public Response
publicresponse@nmdp.org or

Member Campaigns
preliminary@nmdp.org or

Donor Contact Team
SearchDC001@nmdp.org or

CallBack Unit
callbackunit@nmdp.org or
Fax: 612-884-8287

DC 001 Workup
Email: WU001@nmdp.org or
Manager Team: WUSmanager@nmdp.org

Donor Medical Services

Please send general inquiries to DMS@nmdp.org

Phone Numbers:

  • Toll-free: 888-510-1808
  • General number: 763-406-8550
  • Fax number: 763-406-8549

Donor Medical Services Staff:

  • Jennifer Kraemer, RN, Manager: 763-406-5879
  • John Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President, Medical Quality Services: 763-406-8534 or jmiller5@nmdp.org
  • MJ Flategraff, Administrative Specialist: 763-406-4629

Human Resources 

Human Resources Department

  • Katie Bickel, Senior Manager, Human Resources & Sr. Strategic Business Partner: (763) 406-8765 or kosciak@nmdp.org
  • Jenna Fuchs, HR Technology Analyst: (763) 406-4687 or jfuchs@nmdp.org
  • Tiffany Lyons, Senior HR Technology and Process Analyst: (763) 406-5833 or tlyons@nmdp.org
  • Heather Moseley, Volunteer Services Coordinator: (763) 406-3437 or hmoseley@nmdp.org
  • Rochelle Taus Dumdie, Total Rewards Specialist: (763) 406-8375 or rtausdum@nmdp.org

Education & Training

Patient Services

Phone Numbers

  • Patient Support Center toll-free number: (888) 999-6743
  • Spanish-speaking patient advocate toll-free number: (888) 999-6743 Ext. 7913
  • Jason Carter Clinical Trials Program: (888) 814-8610
  • International callers: 01-612-362-3410
  • Fax number: (612) 627-8195

Patient Support Center Leadership 

Please send general inquiries to patientinfo@nmdp.org

  • Leah Christianson, Manager, Patient Services: (763) 406-4419 or lchrist2@nmdp.org
  • Debbie Jacobson, Senior Manager - Patient Services: (763) 406-8504 or djacobso@nmdp.org
  • Katie Schoeppner, Director, Patient Services: (763) 406-4429 or kschoep2@nmdp.org
  • Jackie Foster, Senior Manager, Patient Services: (763) 406-4877 or jfoster@nmdp.org

Learn more about the Patient Support Center and how we help patients before, during, and after transplant.

Partner Liaisons

Product Operations Leadership

Hope Guidry Groves, Vice President, Experience & Product Operations, (763) 406-5882 or hguidryg@nmdp.org
Chelsa Tourville, Director, Collection Operations & Strategy, (763) 406-8782 or ctourvil@nmdp.org
Christian Snyder, Senior Manager, Product & Network Management, (763) 406-5121 or csnyder4@nmdp.org
Alaina Witt, Supervisor, Collection Network Services, (763) 406-8136 or awitt@nmdp.org

Partner Liaisons

Angie Adler, (763) 406-4178 or aadler2@nmdp.org
Cheryl Bacigalupo, (763) 406-3029 or cbaciga2nmdp.org
Christian Folken, (763) 406- 8578 or cfolken2@nmdp.org
Cathy Loeser, (763) 406-3485or cloeser2@nmdp.org
Erin Martin, (714) 800-1608 or Erin.Martin@nmdp.org

General Questions: PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org