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Patient Support Center

Offering one-on-one guidance and patient-friendly resources

To help break down the treatment barriers that patients and caregivers face, we offer personalized and confidential support and education to all your patients, caregivers and their loved ones.

Our team can support:

  • Patients who have had or plan to have related or unrelated donor allogeneic transplant
  • Patients living with sickle cell disease, regardless of treatment status
  • Patients with acute myeloid leukemia, regardless of treatment status
  • Patients receiving a CAR-T cell therapy
  • Caregivers and family members of eligible patients
  • Bereaved caregivers or family members of cell therapy recipients

You and your patients can reach us by phone at +1(888)999-6743 or email at patientinfo@nmdp.org. All patient education resources are available in the Materials Catalog.

We never charge your center or your patient for any patient support or educational resources.

One-on-one support and services for patients and caregivers

We have a team dedicated to helping patients, caregivers and families navigate the transplant process. Your patients can receive tailored information and support before, during and after transplant. Our team devotes as much time as needed—at no cost to you or the patient.

Our Patient Support Center team:

  • Offers navigation support in English and Spanish with support for more than 100 languages through telephone interpreter services
  • Includes certified oncology patient navigators and BMT social workers
  • Answers commonly asked questions related to the donor search process, financial assistance, coping strategies, preparing for life after transplant and more
  • Has information specific to the needs of caregivers and family members, including support in adjusting to the role of a caregiver

Connect with our Patient Support Center team at +1(888)999-6743 or patientinfo@nmdp.org.

Educational resources designed to meet the unique needs of your patients

Our free patient education resources are available for you to use with your patients, caregivers and families. Our goal is to supplement your center's educational efforts. Every resource—videos, booklets, webinars and more—is reviewed by experts for accuracy and readability to ensure all patients get reliable information.

Order or download as many as your center needs. Our goal is to get you what you need, when you need it. You can view, download or order as many patient education resources as your center needs in the Materials Catalog. 

Materials include:

  • Booklets and fact sheets for patients before and after transplant
  • Short videos explaining what to expect before, during and after an autologous or allogeneic transplant
  • Age-specific resources for children
  • Translated resources
  • A BMT Journeys Book sharing first-hand transplant experiences from prior patients and caregivers and offering hope to patients and families
  • On-demand patient education webinars

Peer connections for patients and caregivers

For many patients and caregivers, connecting with others who are going through or have been through cell therapy can be helpful.

Peer Connect Program

Our Peer Connect Program connects your patients or their caregivers by phone or email with someone who’s been through transplant. Our network of trained Peer Connect volunteers share their experiences, provide support and answer questions.

When a connection is requested, we identify a volunteer who most closely matches the patient’s or caregiver’s situation. Patients and caregivers can request a connection by visiting NMDP.org/patient-peerconnect.

“We’ll listen, laugh and cry with them. We’ve been there—and we get it.”
—Ted, transplant recipient and Peer Connect volunteer

Other opportunities to connect

Encourage your patients and caregivers to stay connected with others through our NMDP Patients Connect Facebook page and closed Facebook groups.

Additional support for patients and caregivers post-treatment

Our support for patients and caregivers doesn’t stop the day they receive a transplant or another cell therapy. We offer programs to break down barriers to help patients lead healthier, high-quality lives after cell therapy.

Learn how we can partner with you to support patients and caregivers after treatment.

Connect with our team

Questions about how we can support your team and your patients through the Patient Support Center? Connect with us at 1 (888) 999-6743 or patientinfo@nmdp.org.

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