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Webinar: Enhance Your Service Offerings with Related Donor Services

April 9


In this webinar, the NMDP  provide updates on our Related Donor Services program, including the improved statistics and resources available to you, your patient, and donor. Additionally, your colleagues at the University of Michigan Medical Center will share their experiences with our Related Donor Services, how it has impacted their workflow, and relieved much of the stress and worry from their internal staff along with the donor. 

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize when Related Donor Services can help you facilitate a related transplant
  • Understand the patient and donor benefits available when donation occurs through NMDP
  • Identify which Patient Assistance Grants are appropriate for your patients search and post-transplant expenses 

About Related Donor Services

Our Related Donor Services program allows you to focus on your patient while we handle the related donor case. 

Related Donor Services include patient or donor HLA typing, adult related donor workup, and stem cell collection services at a center convenient to the donor. We can also provide marrow collections for centers with limited or no marrow collection capabilities. When using our Related Donor Services, your patient and donor also have access to grants, reimbursement, resources, and education. 

Target audience

Transplant center coordinators, administrators/directors, financial coordinators, physicians and social workers


  • Annie Peine, manager, case management, NMDP
  • Transplant center representatives from the University of Michigan Medical Center who use our Related Donor Services program


If you have any questions regarding this activity or for assistance for people with disabilities or grievances, please email nmdpeducation@nmdp.org.