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Related donor services

More than 80% of Related Donor Services donors live 200+ miles from the transplant center

Overcome barriers to related donor transplant

You found the best donor for your patient—a related donor. However, logistical, geographic or financial barriers can slow down or prevent transplant in the timeframe you need.

Related Donor Services (RDS) can help. RDS removes obstacles to related donor collection to:

  • Ensure your patient’s graft source is available for transplant when you need it
  • Ease capacity constraints at your center by tapping into our Network of 73 apheresis centers and 51 collection centers in the U.S. and Mexico
  • Relieve financial pressures for your transplant center, your patient and their related donor
  • Provide peace of mind for your patients and their family members
  • NMDP offers two RDS options for transplant centers: Testing and Logistics and Workup and Collection.

Select the Related Donor Services option that best meets your needs

Testing and Logistics

NMDP manages the donor’s travel and logistics from workup through collection, including to and from your transplant center for collection. Your transplant center maintains control of donor medical clearance and filgrastim injections and facilitates the donor's cell collection.

  • Transplant center selects donor.
  • NMDP facilitates donor workup through the physical exam and provides required NMDP test results and a brief analysis to your to the transplant center.
  • Transplant center provides donor medical clearance.
  • Transplant center uses your own processes for filgrastim injections. NMDP manages logistics.
  • Donor cell collection happens at your transplant center and is managed by your clinical team.
  • NMDP coordinates and pays for donor travel to and from your transplant center for cell collection, including lodging.

Workup and Collection

NMDP manages the full scope of the donor's workup, filgrastim injections, cell collection and cell delivery. It is a full-service solution.

  • Transplant center selects donor.
  • NMDP facilitates donor workup through the physical exam.
  • NMDP provides donor medical clearance.
  • NMDP coordinates and is responsible for cost of filgrastim injections.
  • NMDP manages donor’s cell collection at NMDP Network apheresis or collection center for cell collection.
  • NMDP coordinates and pays for donor travel to and from the apheresis or collection center.
  • NMDP uses a courier to transport the donor cells to your transplant center for patient infusion.

Related Donor Workup Request (F01034) 

Additional services

If you need support for a related donor collection and neither Testing and Logistics nor Workup and Collection meet your needs, contact your case manager to discuss selecting individual services.

We also support subsequent workup and collection for a related donor whether your transplant center or the NMDP performed the primary donation. Contact your case manager for additional information.

Family member HLA typing

The NMDP can support sample collection and high-resolution HLA typing for family members. Download the Related Donor Sample Collection for HLA Typing form and submit it to your case manager.

We offer free high-resolution typing through our Patient Financial Assistance Program if your patient’s insurance does not cover family member HLA typing or insurance delays approval.

Benefits for patients and related donors

Whether you choose Testing and Logistics or Workup and Collection, your patient and their related donor receive support and services from the NMDP.

Patient Financial Assistance

Your patient has access to NMDP financial assistance for expenses before and after transplant. Access details about the financial assistance available for patients and how to apply: Patient Financial Assistance Program.

Donor Support and Services

For your patient’s related donor, the NMDP:

  • Offers the convenience of local testing
  • Coordinates and pays for travel and lodging arrangements for the donor and one companion
  • Educates the donor and offer support if they are hesitant
  • Advocates for necessary time off work
  • Provides financial assistance to cover lost wages
  • Reimburses the donor for out-of-pocket, donation-related expenses

When you choose RDS Workup and Collection, donors have the added benefit of typically staying closer to home for cell collection, reducing their travel burden.

Related Donor Services pricing

Testing and Logistics:

  • In-country related donors: $15,000
  • Out-of-country related donors: $30,000

Workup and Collection:

  • In-country related donors: $30,000 (includes cost for filgrastim injections, cell collection at a Network apheresis or collection center, and cell delivery)
  • Out-of-country related donors: $45,000

Access the Related Donor Services fee schedules for additional details.

In-country related donors are those who do not travel outside their country of origin for collection. Out-of-country related donors are those who must travel outside their country of origin for collection.

A consultative approach

Your clinical operations partner or case manager can help you identify the optimal services to meet your needs. They are available to guide your team members through the process of requesting RDS Testing and Logistics or Workup and Collection.

No matter the option you choose, we aim to alleviate barriers for your transplant center and related donors, provide peace of mind for your patients, and ensure the graft source is available for transplant when you need it.

If you have any questions, please contact your clinical operations partner or case manager.

Since 2019, the NMDP has provided more than $100,000 in financial assistance to related donors and their companions for lost wages.

Related Donor Services Request Form

Submit the Related Donor Workup Request form - F01034 to your case manager to order Related Donor Services for your patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In 2022, NMDP facilitated 269 related donor collections globally.