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Research Policies & Protocols

Access policies and procedures designed to help collection and apheresis centers work effectively with NMDPSM and the network.

Product Collection Manual
Comprehensive guide for NMDP Network collection centers and apheresis centers

Donor Patient Confidentiality
Guidelines and procedures for protecting the privacy of people who receive transplants or donate blood stem cells

PBSC Protocols
Find the current NMDP IRB-approved version of the PBSC protocol

GRID (Global Registration Identifier for Donors)
Explains the GRID for donors and next steps to implementing the GRID standard for donors from the NMDP Registry

Financial Resources
NMDP finance policies, including reimbursement, travel and business expense information

Universal Procedures of Interaction
Checklists for required content in the procedures of interaction between centers

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
Resources for CPI samples, research samples and forms submission 

AC & CC Qualification
Overview of the AC & CC contract manufacturing qualification process

FDA Reference Guide
Information, regulations and training regarding FDA requirements for NMDP products

Request trademark and copyright permissions
Request permission to use our trademarks and logos

AID-00018 NMDP Non-Compliance Policy for Network Centers (Legacy A00199)
Process followed when a Network Center is subject to probation, suspension (including summary suspension), termination, or other loss of participation privileges due to non-compliance

Data Use and Processing Policies
Applies to any non-EU organization. Includes data security requirements to ensure ongoing data consistency throughout the NMDP network..

PL-00032 Business Travel and Expense Policy (Legacy P00042) 
Applies to all business travel and expenses incurred by individuals authorized to travel on behalf of the Organization with the exception of donor and courier travel

PL-00077 Network Document Release Policy (Legacy P00108) 
Operational documents such as manuals of operation, SOPs, policies, and forms, released to NMDP network partners on a quarterly basis. Sixty day notice of changes will be provided whenever possible.

AID-00040 Apheresis Center Coordinator Responsibilities and Qualifications (Legacy A00302)
The apheresis center coordinator manages the process to collect HPC(A) and MNC(A) products as requested by the donor center for NMDP

AID-00066 Collection Center Coordinator Responsibilities and Qualifications (Legacy A00415)
The collection center coordinator manages the processes related to harvesting bone marrow for NMDP

PL-00109 NMDP Network Participating Centers Record Retention Policy (Legacy P00143) 
Ensures the most efficient and effective operation of the participating Network centers through implementation of record retention procedures in accordance with applicable local, state and federal legal requirements


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