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How STAR Link Traxis Case Management Application Communicate

The purpose of this webinar is to help donor center staff understand how NMDP's three systems work together and which fields communicate. As donor center staff we often wonder what is visible to the Transplant Centers and Case Management as we enter information in STAR Link. We will be presenting an overview of all three systems and showing you an actual donor workup request from start to finish as it works its way through our electronic systems.

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Target Audience

All operated and contracted donor center staff that work in STAR Link. Additional attendees may include NMDP employees who want a better understanding of how STAR Link, Traxis, and Case Management Application communicate with each other.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate the functions of STAR Link, Case Management Application and Traxis systems.
  • Identify and recognize how a donor request makes its way across the three systems.
  • Formulate communication techniques to overcome system limitations. 


Ella Crooks
NMDP Lead, Donor Contact Team, Donor Services

Zarine McDaniel
NMDP Case Manager


If you have any questions regarding this activity or for assistance for people with disabilities, grievances, please email nmdpeducation@nmdp.org.