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Documentation for Fast and Furious Clearance to Collection


This is not your grandma’s documentation 101 course! We will be talking about unique eligibility situations that practiced staff are more likely to encounter. Thorough investigation and documentation regarding eligibility results in fewer errors, and a quicker route to clearance for collection. In this webinar we will be talking about why we are required to document donor eligibility the way we do, as well as share tips and tricks for identifying unique situations that require more investigation and thorough documentation. Specific topics in the webinar include: the purpose and use of the F00827, what records qualify as relevant medical records, and a deeper dive into how to investigate documentation discrepancies before clearance.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify what documentation is needed for eligibility, and recall how we use it to meet the FDA’s safety and regulatory needs.
  • Recognize unique eligibility situations which require further investigation and documentation.
  • Use the tips and tricks discussed to avoid less common documentation errors.


  • Lisa Still, Work Up Coordinator and Collection Coordinator, Cook Children's Medical Center DC101, CC 2276
  • Julie Dunham, Work Up Specialist, NMDP DC001