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Cell Therapy Labeling Standards to Ensure Patient Safety

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Program overview

Implementing apheresis end-of-collection labeling standards for cell therapy products can improve patient safety by decreasing complexity and improving starting material traceability. The NextGen Therapies Industry Working Group, led by Deloitte, is driving alignment with stakeholders throughout the industry toward standardizing the minimum elements required for apheresis end-of-collection labeling.

This webinar:

  • Provides an overview of ISBT-128 ST-018 (Labeling of Collection Products for Cellular Therapy Manufacturing) and ISBT-128 ST-028 (Chain of Identity Identifier)
  • Reviews international labeling standards designed to improve patient safety by decreasing complexity and improving starting material traceability
  • Shares an NMDP℠ case study that highlights how the cell therapy industry is implementing labeling standards

Learning objectives

Watch the webinar to gain a better understanding of:

  • ISBT-128 labeling
  • How the cell therapy industry has implemented the labeling standards
  • How labeling can improve patient safety

Target audience

This on-demand webinar is intended for apheresis center physicians, coordinators, quality managers and nurses, as well as transplant center physicians, coordinators, nurses and social workers. Personnel who label products at collection centers would also benefit from the content shared in this webinar.


Jennifer Rabin
Specialist Leader, Next Gen Therapy Practice

Beth Gardner
Senior Director, Patient Supply
Beam Therapeutics

Karen Moniz
Technical Director

Nancy Hegdahl
Quality Assurance Manager
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