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Marrow Collection Procedures Video

This collection of videos offer examples of current best practices in standard marrow collection methods for physicians and health care professionals. The techniques and procedures presented reflect approaches used by U.S. collection facilities and align with the standards set by NMDP. This informational video should enhance, but not replace, the one-on-one training that is essential for safe marrow collection.

Marrow collection

This educational video is intended to help those involved in marrow collection procedures collect the best possible product while ensuring donor safety. It is not intended for potential donors due to its graphic nature.

Education Objectives

  • Use NMDP required forms with donor information and transplant center requests to be reviewed and approved during planning and final preparation for a bone marrow collection.
  • Describe preparation and use of the equipment and collection kit during the procedure.
  • Apply best practices and standards for landmark identification and collection techniques to maximize total nucleated cells (TNC) collection while applying processes to ensure donor safety.
  • Follow post-collection processes for marrow handling, labels, required forms, reporting and donor discharge.

Target Audience

For healthcare professionals involved in the marrow collection procedure. You may find this video helpful for educating new staff, operating room (OR) staff, or as a refresher for experienced collection staff.