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Your partner from patient diagnosis through treatment and recovery

At NMDPSM, we believe each of us holds the key to curing blood cancers and disorders. As a global nonprofit leader in cell therapy, NMDP creates essential connections between researchers and supporters to inspire action and accelerate innovation to find life-saving cures. With the help of blood stem cell donors from the world's most diverse registry and our extensive network of transplant partners, physicians and caregivers, we're expanding access to treatment so that every patient can receive their life-saving cell therapy. NMDP. Find cures. Save lives.

Our NMDP strategic pillars of action

To achieve our vision of creating a world where every patient can receive their life-saving cell therapy, we're focused on three strategic pillars of action: accelerate progress, serve as a world-class partner and expand access.

Accelerate progress

We seek to advance the cell therapy ecosystem to provide cures so all patients can thrive. 

Driving transformative research

Our investment in groundbreaking research is one way we’re changing the future of cell therapy so more patients can receive treatment and thrive after. For example, by leading clinical trials like 15-MMUD, ACCESS and OPTIMIZE, we’re establishing a new role for mismatched unrelated donor transplants to expand access to treatment for more patients with diverse ancestry.

In partnership with centers around the world, we lead transformative research and outcomes analysis through CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®)—a research collaboration between the Medical College of Wisconsin® and NMDP.

And through NMDP BioTherapiesSM, we partner with cell and gene therapy developers to support the development and delivery of next-generation cell and gene therapies. CIBMTR collects data on the long-term safety and efficacy of commercially available cell therapy products.

The strength of CIBMTR lies in our collaboration with transplant centers around the world and their commitment to advancing cell therapy for the patients we all serve. Research conducted through CIBMTR has led to innovations and practice change so patients not only survive but thrive.

Jeff auletta, md

Chief Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP

Serve as a world-class partner

We aim to deliver best-in-class service and experiences as the essential partner in cell therapy.

Connecting patients to their best cell source– from search through delivery

Our goal if to provide every patient with the cell therapy they need, regardless of cell source. For example, we provide a standardized, consistent experience for searching and order from the global network, despite varying registry requirements. We not only facilitate unrelated donor and cord blood transplants, but also related donor collection and cell delivery.

And we partner with apheresis and collection centers in our network to continually focus on peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) and marrow product quality so our transplant center partners receive high-quality products for patients.

Expand access

We continue to remove the barriers to equitable access to life-saving cell therapies.

Clearing pathways for more patients to receive cell therapy

Throughout the transplant journey, we support patients and their families by advocating for them on a legislative level, providing direct support services like navigation and counseling, and removing financial barriers that prevent them from pursuing treatment or focusing on healing during recovery. We also remove financial barriers for donors so they can say "yes" to changing a life. For example, we provide reimbursement for donation-related expenses such as lost wages, travel expenses, lodging (if needed) and child and/or pet care.

Together with our partners, good goes a long way

At NMDP, we're on a mission to save more lives through cell therapy. And—working in partnership with the full NMDP network of transplant centers, apheresis centers, collection centers, cord blood banks and donor centers—more patients have access to cell therapy every year.

We don't just hope. We make it happen.

Together, we're accelerating the journey to a world where every patient can receive their life-saving cell therapy. Because with our partners and NMDP, good goes a long way.